Magnet holder with handle (strong)

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Product description

flexiMag magnet 66mm

  • flexiMags magnet Ø66mm
  • black or white rubberized
  • including conical handle
  • perfect as a holder (awning, towel)
  • Holding force up to 25 kg
including conical handle

This practical magnet from flexiMAGs comes with a chic campperfect print. The magnet itself is rubberized to protect the camper's paint or the material being attached.

Strong magnet

The magnet is very strong and has a holding force of up to 25kg. It is therefore perfect for attaching heavy items to or in the vehicle. For example: the awning on the roof, the camping lamp or the towel. The handle is screwed into place using an M6 thread (in the magnet) and can be replaced with any other accessory with an M6 thread.